Asus genfon Lite L1 review

Asus Genfon Lite L1 review


Asus Genfon Lite L1 Price Rs. 6,999

It is fueled by Snapdragon 430 SOC and has 2 GB RAM

Runs Android Oreo with Genui to finish this stuff

Asus As India's two cell phones are late, Genfon Max M1 and Genfone Lite L1 These cell phones are valuable under both bucks. 9,000 and Xiaomi Redmi 6 ₹ 8,040 (review) and Redmi 6A ₹ 6,999 (review) Individually conclusive. We have just tested on Genfon Max M1, and keeping in mind that its performance has slowed down due to the maturity processor, it has offered a large battery life. Genfone Lite L1 has a similar processor, still loses some different highlights and is estimated to be more force-free than Rs. Rs. 6,999, even with a short concise offer cost of Rs. 5,999 Is Zenfone Light L1 a decent deal on those two costs? We take a turn to find it.

Asus Genfon Lite L1 Structure

As much as the Genfon Max M1, the zenfone light expresses the L1 family's appearance. The simplest way to identify Genfon Max M1 and Genfone Lite L1 is to take a gander on their back. While Genfon Max M1 plays a unique mark scanner, Genfone Lite L1 passes it, which is satisfying at its lower price point. The telephone is basically made of plastic and the quality of the normal form is. Jenfone Lite is accessible in L1 Black and Gold, and we had black diversity for the survey. We liked the click of electricity and volume catch, which are located on the right side. The SIM plate is on the left and in addition to a committed MicroSD card space, there are two nano-SIM openings.
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