Panasonic Eluga X1 Pro unboxing review


Body is assembled using hard steel, which makes it durable

Generally execution performance is honorable, although the showcase alignment may be better

Panasonic Eluga X1 Pro is estimated. 27,000

Panasonic is presenting cell phones in India for some time, yet we have not seen anything that really emerges from the opposition. The Eluga X1 and X1 Pro telephones can very well be that this organization needs to make that achievement.

The Eluga X1 team is moving towards India beginning October, brightness of highlights, for example, rigid steel bodies, infrared face scanners, and remote charging for high end pro form also. We have seen such highlights in earlier telephones whose prices are very high, although Panasonic has evaluated two models of Rs. 30,000, which is a strong move. Today, we will focus on Eluga X1 Pro ₹ 27,590, which is about Rs. 27,000 At this price, there is no immediate rivalry in Eluga X1 Pro which provides the same highlights, which means that it should not be excessive inconvenience to any authority. The question is, does it show how to do this?

Panasonic Eluga X1 Pro Structure

From a stylish perspective, Panasonic has worked for perfection with the structure and development of Eluga X1 Pro. We have dull slow rendering, yet this telephone is also accessible in silver. Adjusted edges and give it a decent stretch while decreasing when you hold it.

The hard steel outline provides superb flexibility, and when you apply the weight, the body does not flex. It is excited to see a medium expanded Android telephone built using great content. In addition to the iPhone Xs 99, 9 00 and XS Max ₹ 99, 900 and Nokia 8 Searoko ₹ 35,124 (review), it is difficult to think of some other late cell phone made with hard steel. The Eluga X1 Pro is also very slim, yet in 1951, it is huge. It is extra bit difficult and Acrylic attracts fingerprints effectively back.
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