Review of Panasonic Eluga X1 Pro


Body is mounted using hard steel, making it durable The execution performance is generally honorable, although the alignment of the showcase may be better Eluga X1 Pro panasonic is estimated. Sixteen thousand Panasonic has been presenting cell phones in India for some time now, but we saw nothing so real

The Eluga X1 team moves to India in early October, with highlights such as rigid steel bodies, infrarot face scanners and remote charging for high - end pro shape. We saw these highlights in earlier phones with very high prices, although Panasonic has evaluated them.

Panasonic Eluga X1 Pro Structure

From an elegant perspective, Panasonic worked perfectly with Eluga X1 Pro's structure and development. We have stubborn slow rendering, but this phone can also be reached in silver. Adjusted edges and give it a decent stretch while holding it down.

The hard steel outline offers superb flexibility and the body does not flex when applying the weight. It's excited to see an Android phone built with great content. In addition to the iPhone Xs 99, 900 and XS Max files 99, 900 and Nokia 8 Searoko files 35,124 (review), diffi is also available.
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