Vivo v9 pro sanpdragon 660 & 6GB RAM unboxing review

Vivo v9 pro review


VivoV9 Pro is fueled by Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor

It has 3260 mAh battery and provides battery life

Knocking in the tool improves one option, unlike vivo v9

At that point when VivoV 9 ₹ 18,500 was run in India, it was the leading Android gadget to brand the score. It was controlled by Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 SOC and had 4 GB RAM, and we realized that when we evaluated it was usually intensive. Long ago, we saw that very good telephones are running around Rs. 20,000 stamps, which exaggerated Vivo V9 to be brought to the table.

Xiamie MI A2 ₹ 14, 9 60 (review), for example, offered a great Snapdragon 660 processor at only one rupee. 16,999 and Poko F1 ₹ 20,999 (review) was a powerhouse which was worth Rs. 20,999 Vivo felt the heat and dropped the cost of VivoV9 (review) to remain important. Currently, with more competition in the market, Vivo has dropped VivoV9 Pro ₹ 17, 099, which is still almost perfect for packaging in better equipment. 17,990 Does knock in the tool improve it in a bundle? We investigate the search.Vivo v9 pro sanpdragon 660 & 6GB RAM unboxing review

Vivo v9pro structure

Vivo V9 Pro V9 can be switched off, in light of the fact that these are both differently, both of which are different. It is slim and twisted parties make it easy to catch. Like the V9, the VivoV9 Pro is an indent at the highest point of the showcase, with earpieces, sensors, notice LEDs and a selfie camera. Indent is conservative and the screen on one side releases a large measure of land. In the 6.3 inch show, with the exception of the base there is a thin bezel around it where it is roughly thick. Vivo has discovered how to monitor the weight, and the gadget weighs only 150 grams.Vivo v9 pro sanpdragon 660 & 6GB RAM unboxing review

On the basis, it has 3.5 mm earphone jack, a micro-USB port, and amplifier grill. At that time when we went with VivoV9 Pro, we were not satisfied with the earphone jack situation because it would come in the way while playing the twist in scene mode. The highest point of the telephone is revealed. Vivo has grabbed the power and volume on the gadget's privilege, and they are difficult to reach. The left half of the gadget has a SIM plate with a double nano-SIM space and a committed MicroSD card to open.Vivo v9 pro sanpdragon 660 & 6GB RAM unboxing review
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